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“Before meeting Rufina I had no real sense of fashion, used to wear very bland colors. She has transformed my wardrobe, now I’m more confident, I look great and am a trendsetter at work, I receive compliments daily about my outfits, sense of style and the way I look, thanks to Rufina. She has an amazing personality and a very good listener. I’m privileged to have met her, a true fashion icon and my preferred stylist and shopper” …Laila J

Quote: "Learn from yesterday, live for Today, Hope for tomorrow." Albert Einstein

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" Be trendsetter, revolutionary and fearless "

“I would say you have a genuine positivity and approachability that is very engaging and compelling.  You style is chic, simple and accessible and you have a great eye for not only what is fashionable but also wearable and not intimidating for your clients.  I trusted you completed to make choices for our brand. You listened to feedback and incorporated your own aesthetics into what is appropriate for our brand” ...Laura C.

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